Professional Manufactur 12V Round Rgb Smd Led PCB Board

Professional Manufactur 12V Round Rgb Smd Led PCB Board

Professional Manufactur 12V Round Rgb Smd Led Pcb Board 1. Welcome OEMs and ODMs. 2. No MOQ requestments. 3. PCB &PCBA prototype, and medium&low volume quic k board services ; 4. Electronic Components sourcing. PCB Assemblies,PCBA function test Sunsoar can offer: 1. PCB layout, pcb...

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Professional Manufactur 12V Round Rgb 

Smd Led Pcb Board

1.  Welcome OEMs and ODMs.

2.  No MOQ requestments. 

3.  PCB &PCBA prototype, and medium&low volume quick board services;

4.  Electronic Components sourcing. PCB Assemblies,PCBA function test


Sunsoar can offer:

1.PCB layout, pcb circuit design,BOM list and schematic diagram drawings;

2.1-20 layer pcb fabrication and pcb manufacturing;

3.PCB &PCBA prototype, and medium&low volume quick board services;

4.Electronic Components sourcing. PCB Assemblies,PCBA function test.

Who we are

Shenzhen Yuzhixiang Electronics Co., Ltd, also named Sunsoar Precision Electronic ( HK) Limited, is a

professional PCB manufacturer, with the ability of 1 - 18 layers of PCB and 1-6 layers of FPC production.


Our business range covers from PCB & PCBA design and copy, PCB manufacture to Electronic components

purchasing and PCB Assembly. Our products are widely used in communication apparatus, automobile

electronics, computers, medical devices, network devices and consumer electronics class fields. Welcome to

send us your inquiry.


PCB Manufacturing Service

  • Double-sided, Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards

  • Prototype, Pre-production and Medium to High Volume Production.

  • 24 Hours Rush Delivery

  • Electrical Testing

Surface Mount Assembly

We offers surface mount technology (SMT) assembly services from proto-type through medium and high

volume production, including fine pitch component. Surface mount capabilities include:

  • Semiautomatic Screen Printing

  • Place Component upto 19 mil Pitch

  • Prototype, Medium to High Volume Production Assembly

  • FR4, Aluminum, PI

  • Single and Double Sided Assembly

  • Mixed Technology(Tjrough Hole & SMT)

  • ESD Controlled Area


How long  we in PCB?

Yuzhixiang was formed in 2003. Since that time, we achieved big growth, with the customer from north America,

Oceania,EU, Mid-EAST all of the world.

How do you keep your prices low?

We keep our prices low by constantly implementing more efficient manufacturing processes, developing

systems that allow us to quickly change setups, and conservatively managing our business.

What happens if I have a problem?

We are committed to your satisfaction and we ask that you contact your salesperson immediately if you have a

problem of any kind. If you ever feel that you’ve received a product or service that was below your expectation,

please feel free to email directly  Sunsoar Director admin(at) Also, we would like to hear any

suggestion for improvement.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We recognize that privacy is of utmost importance, and we do not sell or rent any individual personal information

to any third party, comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures

such as International Trade Regulation.


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PCB Service

Sunsoar provides OEM PCB, PCB service, PCB assembly components surcing, PCB design,

PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing.


Company Files



Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Co., LTD is a Professional pcb and pcba manufacturer. Production base is located in Bao'an.

After years of continued innovation and development of pcb field, we have set a PCB business unit and FPC board business unit. 

Our pcb production ability is about 10,000 square meters/month.
Manufactured products are widely used in communication apparatus, automobile, computers, medical devices etc..
Since the establishment in 2008, the company has been committed to R&D.
We have ability to make 4-28 layers high-precision impedence, multi-layer blind-layer hole,
high Tg, AI base, copper base and ceramic base PCB, 1-6 layers FPC, etc..

The company takes ISO9000 Standardization and have certified UL, ROHS.
To improve efficiency and provide better service, we purchased some advanced 
equipments,such as AOI,Panosonic CM 88 and CM20F.
There are also professional pcb and pcba engineering Dept. and specialized Overseas sales team.


Professional 8GB 16GB 32GB Usb Flash Drive Pcb Manufacturer

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